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Wild Orchid Resort Angeles: Explore utmost comfort


At Wild Orchid Resort Angeles, you can have a mini-adventure of exploring all things comfortable and nice with all of its amenities and service that aim to provide the utmost relaxation to the guests. There are indeed a lot of places and attractions to look forward to in Angeles and this resort is one of the best places you can find in the city.

Several individuals and families had been here before and most of them only have words of praise and gratitude for the resort. Some of them even told reviews that they received more than what they expected at a reasonable price, which is really surprising for them. The resort maintains the great condition of the entire place all the time, so their amenities and service remain of high-quality, making guests and visitors satisfied on their stay at Wild Orchid Resort Angeles.

The resort has a wide exterior showing its several rooms catered for individuals and even families or group of friends. You would feel a calm vibe the moment you entered its lobby and see all the lovely furniture properly put into place. The entire place indeed has a tranquil atmosphere ideal for relaxing.

The nice hotel of Wild Orchid Resort Angeles also has a big, clear, and beautiful pool area that people of any age would definitely enjoy. The whole area was huge so even if you’re with lots of family members and friends, everyone would have a share of fun in the pool. The bar and restaurant cater foods that have a delicious taste and good aroma. With those mentioned, each member of the family would certainly have a great time at the resort.

Wild Orchid Resort Angeles won’t also disappoint when it comes to its rooms. Each was clean, organized, smelled good, and had all your basic needs plus it includes beautiful designs and room décor. Spend your summer in this cool and relaxing place and have a summer you won’t ever forget.

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Wild Orchid Subic: Get rid of the heat with this refreshing and relaxing resort

Wild Orchid Subic: Get rid of the heat with this refreshing and relaxing resort

Your wish to have a remarkable stay this summer could be easily attained at Wild Orchid Subic. You would easily get used to their service and always feel at ease with how kind and calm the people at the resort were. Guests and visitors from before only have words full of praise and genuine thanks to this hotel because of its outstanding amenities and service.

The staff never gets tired of giving a kind and efficient service to all of the guests and visitors coming to the resort. Each staff member was approachable and patient in dealing with concerns and problems. The staff has a high level of understanding that’s why problems were often solved quickly. You can depend on their skills to help you with your needs. It’s also certain that you would never encounter an ill-mannered staff at Wild Orchid Subic.

There were a lot of fun and adventurous things we can do during the summer season wherein many are also looking forward to a refreshing and relaxing getaway during this time of the year when heat is our mortal enemy. There’s a high possibility that staying at a wonderful resort is included as well on the to-do list of many during this season. And you would never go wrong at Wild Orchid Subic.

Swimming at the hotel’s pool is an ideal choice for getting rid of the summer’s heat. It was huge and clean with trees and plants surrounding the swimming area, making it extra refreshing. There were also nice tables, chairs, and umbrellas beside the pool so you can take a break every once in a while. You need to refill your energy after a nice swim, and the restaurant and bar inside the resort offer delicious foods that could give a boost to your energy levels.

The rooms at Wild Orchid Subic provide the relaxation you’re looking forward to having in a beautiful resort. Each has ample space so that you could move freely and comfortably inside and have a place to put your other stuff. Everything inside the room was nicely cleaned and organized, including the room décor as well.

Experience the pleasant atmosphere at Wild Orchid Subic and create unforgettable summer memories.

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Wild Orchid Resort Angeles: A guaranteed wonderful stay


If you're planning to spend a few nights at the Wild Orchid Resort Angeles , then go for it and do not hesitate because the resort can definitely give you a wonderful stay. Proven by many reviews, it was highly recommended by many people who had been at the resort before. Make your trip to Angeles City more perfect by visiting and staying at this beautiful resort.

The staff and everyone from the resort were very kind and helpful, resulting in a peaceful and quiet stay for the majority of guests. The food offered at the restaurant also passed the taste of several guests and included it to their favorites. The rooms smelled nice and looked organized from the basic supplies to the huge furniture plus the room was large enough for the whole family to enjoy. The location of the resort does not have much to offer, as it was located in the central part of the city.

At an affordable price, you will get to experience lots of wonders at Wild Orchid Resort Angeles so a lot of guests prefer to not stay anywhere and keep on coming back to the place. Even if you’ve been to the resort before, staying at it again would still give you an awesome feeling. All the facilities found inside the resort were all properly managed and maintained, and its cleanliness will surely catch your attention.

As mentioned earlier, the resort offers almost everything you need so you will not require or request anything else from them. Moreover, each staff gives a fantastic service that’s why other guests also mention a few staff names on their reviews that they really liked from their stay. Other guests liked how the staff was very attentive and accommodating.

You're really Lucky for finding such a Humble resort that can provide all the good things to look forward to in a kind and peaceful stay. Wild Orchid Resort Angeles is one of a kind, so never miss a chance to witness its kindhearted service.

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Wild Orchid Resort Angeles: Giving the relaxation you deserve


You deserve to relax and take a break every now and then, especially if you’re a working adult who’s working hard for yourself or for your family. And if you’re interested to spend your vacation or short break at Angeles City, Pampanga, then you will be in good hands with Wild Orchid Resort Angeles. The place would never let you down in terms of having a good relaxation because it could provide the majority of your needs to have the perfect stay you’re wishing for. Its calm and relaxing ambiance can definitely get rid of your negative emotions and thoughts. Even the locals of the city only have praise for the resort, proving its good reputation as a place for relaxation around the area.

Wild Orchid Resort Angeles makes sure that every room provides a quality stay for the guests. You can see sample pictures of the room on their official website and what you see is what you’ll surely get, and sometimes there’s even more, exceeding your expectations. Their room service would surely surprise you with how good it was. The rooms also give a “grand feeling” because of how well-built they were and how the things inside were stylish and elegant. Staying in the room would certainly make you think that you’re lucky to found such place.

The staff won’t give you headaches and rude responses because the staff at Wild Orchid Resort Angeles was the exact opposite because their service would make you feel at ease and their response to your needs was kind and fast. They’re indeed reliable and hardworking.

You can choose from a variety of food cuisines offered at the restaurant, which is good for a group of people with different tastes. The foods were of course, delicious and could satisfy your hungry stomach. Each was prepared carefully to ensure their good taste and appearance. Moreover, have you tried having a good time at a let’s say “floating cottage”? You could experience that here at Wild Orchid Resort Angeles. This unique feature of the resort also caught the interest of many people and enjoyed their time there.

The pool was always clean and its pure blue color is really inviting, making you want to swim already the moment you see the huge pool. There’s no need to concern yourself if you’re planning to bring the whole family to the resort because its staff can accommodate your whole group properly. Watch how everyone will have fun swimming at the pool and take a lot of pictures during their stay, creating everlasting memories with the resort.

You too could create beautiful memories with the resort, just visit the place and witness its beauty on any aspects, be it about its amenities or staff service since Wild Orchid would only give you the best options to relax to your heart’s content because you deserve it.

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Wild Orchid Subic: Only giving the best service

Wild Orchid Subic: Only giving the best service

Our society does challenge us with a lot of hardships and bigger responsibilities and in order to survive those difficulties, a person must strive harder. But no matter how strong you are as a person, you also need to give yourself a break and relax. People who work hard deserve praise and respect but it does not mean to only revolve your life around working, you deserve to experience a good relaxation, and one of the great places that can provide you with that in Subic is at Wild Orchid Subic .

The staff of Wild Orchid had always been working hard to ensure the comfort of the guests. Even though their job might look simple to some, their Dedication to doing their work is certainly impressive. If a guest had a problem, the staff would quickly find a way to solve their problem. But miscommunications or misunderstandings are unavoidable but one thing remained constant, the Patience and kindness of the staff. And as they said, if the guest had a problem, they will always create a solution for them.

As previous guests said, Wild Orchid Subic was truly a humble paradise. It could not be compared to the exteriors of large five-star hotels in other large cities, it's certain that you would still feel that you are in a paradise even on a simple yet beautiful scenery of Wild Orchid. It has a well-maintained garden around its pool with its rich green color pleasing your eyes. The pool is Surprisingly large enough for the guests to enjoy swimming. The room was clean and spacious, so the comfort is really in your hands by staying at the hotel.

What can make your stay at Wild Orchid Subic more exciting? The fact that it is located near the beach so as a guest, you can also enjoy a stroll at the shore or play a game of beach volleyball with family and friends. There's no boring time with Wild Orchid because of its amazing amenities that will make you look forward to your stay.